1. The company will establish the administration mechanism for protection of personal information in accordance with “Security Policy”, make all its employees known the importance of the protection of personal information and assure that all of them comply with the rules and regulations thereof.
  2. The Company will treat the personal information provided by the customers in a proper manner, avoid losing, improperly altering or divulging those information and perform safe treatment of those information.
  3. In the event that the Company receives personal information from the customers, the Company will make clear the purpose for using those information and receive those only to the extent necessary for such purpose. The Company will keep and maintain those personal information provided accurate and updated.
  4. The Company will not disclose or provide the personal information received from the customers to any third party, except any case set forth below;
    • When customer specifically agrees with such disclosure or delivery,
    • When the Company discloses to sub-contractor to the extent necessary in order to perform the services requested by the customer,
    • When it is appropriate for affiliate companies of the Company to respond to the inquiry given by the customer,
    • When laws or regulations require,
    • When necessary for protection of life, body or property of persons and it is difficult to obtain approval of the customer, or
    • When necessary for cooperation with performance of services set forth in the laws or regulations by government agency, local government agency or other parties entrusted by such agency and, in addition, when it is likely to obstruct the performance of the said services if customers’ approval is obtained.
  5. The personal information received by the Company will be used for performing the marketing activities, product development and services for the customers as well as for providing the customers with information relating to products or services.
  6. The Company will, upon necessity, review and improve the treatment or activities mentioned in the foregoing paragraphs in order to comply with laws, regulations and norms applied to personal information and to achieve the full protection of the personal information of the customers.

April 1, 2014
Makoto Nishiohji