Process Support

TMT Solutions supplies process technologies (in spinning and DTY) to ensure customer satisfaction.
We determine the required degree of quality and research how to achieve it at the operational level with our textile machinery employed by customers around the world. The answers we come up with are funneled into the development of process technologies (in spinning and DTY).
When customers encounter problems in actual production, we perform reproduction tests in-house using testing machines to investigate the cause of the problem and to test solutions.

We also provide production support to ensure customer satisfaction.
To resolve an issue related to the condition of a process, quality, or production capacity that may occur in yarn production, we first set up a business support contract with the customer, then establish numerical targets. Next, we create an action program aimed at achieving those targets, which is implemented together.
In the process of implementing the action program we also provide advice on quality control and staff training.
We are also working to provide additional services in the future such as planning services for developing differentiated yarn and are working to establish advanced process technologies that will earn even greater trust from our customers.